RBOI conducts consultation on ARMM priority investments

ARMM- Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) Consultation on March 14, 2016 at Al Nor Convention Hall, Cotabato City. (From left). RBOI Director Moner K. Dumama, RPDO Executive Director, Engr. Baintan Ampatuan, RBOI Chairman, Atty. Ishak V. Mastura and RBOI Board Member, Sucarno Baraguir


RBOI conducted a public consultation to potential and existing investors, business leaders, concerned government agencies, and other stakeholders to help prepare the 2017-2019 ARMM Investments Priorities Plan (IPP).

The said consultation held on March 14, 2016 at Jehan Hall, Al Nor Complex, Cotabato City is part of the regional government’s approach to actively involve all players in the planning of the region’s economic development particularly on investment matters.

This activity is part of the thrust of the Hataman administration to involve the public in planning the development agenda of the region especially on matters pertaining to business and investments. The ARMM Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) is a strategic plan to grow industries not just through incentives, but through other policy interventions and initiatives.