Joint RBOI Board of Governors and Management Committee (MANCOM) Meeting,June 14, 2014, Davao City


Phenomenal growth in ARMM investments reaches P2.5-B mid 2014, Biomass power leads

June 16, 2014.In a joint RBOI Board of Governors and Management Committee (MANCOM) Meeting on June 14, 2014  in Davao  City,  two projects  were approved for registration  while one is on provisional in status.

The Regional Board of Investments of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (RBOI ARMM) registered seven (7) firms in the 1st Semester of 2014 with total investment value of Php 2.52 billion with a phenomenal growth of 72% against last year’s  P1.463 billion. This is the first time that ARMM investments reached this amount and is expected to grow by Php 3 billionby end of this year. At present, some investment projects are now in the pipeline of RBOI, undergoing evaluation.

The two renewable energy ventures newly approved were the Biomass Power Plants of Green Earth Enersource Corporation, a subsidiary company of Agumil Philippines Inc., and  the Philippine Trade Center, Incorporated. Another project that was discussed in the joint meeting is the provisional approval of  the importation and distribution of petroleum products and construction of oil depots by PowerUp Ventures Inc.



In the past six months, top investors in the region are into biomass energy projects.

Lead energy investor this semester is the Lamsan Power Corporation(LPC) based in Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. The pioneer biomass renewable energy project is worth Php 921 million. The power plant’s capacity is 15 megawatts (MW) and will be selling 11.5 MW to the National Grid.

Second biggestrenewable energy project is by theGreen Earth Enersource Corporation, a subsidiary company of Agumil Philippines Inc., the biomass power plant has an investment value of Php 366 million with a capacity of 4.5 MW. The power plant will support the energy needs of Agumil’s milling and crushing plants in Buluan, Maguindanao, while the excess power will be sold to the national transmission grid.

Third top energy investor is The Philippine Trade Center (PTC) invested in the construction of  a power plant  (left photo) which will be fueled by rice hull (left photo)  now  70% complete to lower the cost of energy of the company by 30%. At present, the company is spending more or less P3Million a month for energy expenses from the services of the Cotabato Light and Power Company. the Philippine Trade Center, Incorporated which has put-up their own  power plant to fuel their existing Cornstarch Milling Plant at Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao.The power plant with a capacity of 3MW has an investment value of  Php 486 million. At present, out of the 3MW produced by the power plant, the milling plant consumed only 1.3MW and so the excess of 1.7 will be sold to Cotabato Light and Power Company.



Another energy related project isthe importation and distribution of petroleum productsby Power-Up Ventures Inc.. The company is proposing to construct five (5) oil depots in Polloc, Parang, Maguindanao. The company will invest P50 million for the project. The depots to be constructed have a total capacity of 5 million liters or 1 million  liters per depot.  The company’s  registration  is provisionally approved by  RBOI since it still has to comply with some requirements.  As such, they will only be given incentives after complying the  additional documents and at the start of their commercial operations.

Other investments registered with  RBOI during the previous months of 2014 are into oil palm, mining and trading. SR Languyan Mining Corporationinvested Php 520 million for a nickel ore mining project in Brgy. Darussalam, Languyan, Tawi-Tawi.  Agumil Philippines Inc., is set to put-up an Oil Palm Kernel  Crushing Plant in Buluan, Maguindanao with a project cost of Php170 million. ABSCOR Multi-Trading Companybased in Port Holland, Maluso, Basilan has invested Php 10 million for an import and export trading business.  

The seven firms registered with RBOI recorded a total of 1,784 jobs created in half of this year.

Atty. Ishak V. Mastura, Chairman and Managing Head of RBOI said that major investments  now are into renewable energy. “This is very timely since we are experiencing power shortage in the country, particularly in Mindanao. The power industry is the foundation of economic growth and there is a direct relationship between increasing energy use and strong economic growth. These investments in power plants mean that ARMM can look forward to more economic activity as we are starting from a low base after decades of armed conflict which is now in the process of winding up after the signing of peace agreement between the Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front early this year” Atty. Mastura added.

ARMM Regional Governor, Mujiv  S.  Hataman said: “The good news of more investments in the ARMM,  Central Mindanao,  Provinces of Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur means that as the situation there stabilizes, I can give more attention to the island provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. We hope that as ARMM government’s presence and activities increase in those island provinces, more private sector investments will follow”