Find out who are the current leaders of RBOI-ARMM. This page details who are the officers/officials in charge of certain departments/areas in RBOI-ARMM.


Name Position
Atty. Ishak V. Mastura Chairman/Managing Head
Muctar C. Muarip Member, Board of Governors
Sucarno G. Baraguir Member, Board of Governors
Sarip Aloy A. Jainal Member, Board of Governors
Moner K. Dumama Executive Director
Larzon G. Santos Chief, Special Support & Research Division
Virginia S. Montaner Supervising Investments Specialist
Shamera Acoymo Abobakar Senior Investments Specialist
Mangominta B. Sarip Senior Investments Specialist
Abusama S. Abdulkasan Investments Specialist II
Farida M. Biruar Chief, Technical Division
Jun M. Macalawan Supervising Investments Specialist
Hazzanar D. Muhammad Senior Investments Specialist
Elisa M. Ibrahim Senior Investments Specialist
Adneen Y. Andung Investments Specialist II
Amnain R. Abutaher Investments Analyst
Jaime A. Nartatez Chief, Administrative Division
Melonilla L. Tato Admin Officer III
Akmad B. Wampa Admin Officer III